No one's calling it CB 3, but it kind feels like we're there.

While we're shut for dine-ins again... let's help you with your takeway order!

Here's some info to get you started:


1. You can now have us for LUNCH and DINNER, from Wed to Sat! Pick up times are from 11.30am to 7.30pm.

2. Orders must be made at least 60 minutes before your intended pickup time.

3. All orders need to be reviewed to make sure we can fulfill them - please wait for a confirmation!


4. Our team reviews orders from 10.30am-7pm, Wed-Sat. Orders placed outside of our response window will be reviewed when we come back in the next day.

5. When your order is accepted, you'll receive a confirmation email with an Order Number (Q XXX).

Pick-up times are fixed, and your order will be ready at the START OF YOUR PICKUP WINDOW! Pizzas can’t be remade if you run late, so grab 'em before they get cold!

6. No minimum spends required - you can just pick up some dranks too!

7. Come on over to pick up your order! Here's a picture of where we are.